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We are scheduling classes in STAINED GLASS, MOSAICS & PYROGRAPHY beginning Jan. 22nd for 2007! Call for times and classes.

1. BASIC I: entry level stained glass for those who have never cut glass or soldered glass or want a refresher.
2. BASIC II: continuation from BASIC I, with exposure to different tools, methods of connection, more intricate cuts, etc
3. INTERMEDIATE I: creating you own patterns, using lead came, edging with zinc (copper or brass)
4: INTERMEDIATE II: using glass saws, repairs, re-inforcements for strength, decorative soldering.
5: MOSAICS I: basic concepts, media, cutting the pieces (tessera), adhesives, grouting and sealing
6: MOSAICS II: "glass on glass"; mixing varied types of tessera (glass, china/pottery/porcelain, stones, "found items"),

B...PYROGRAPHY ("wood-burning" art)
7: PYROGRAPHY I: pyrography tools, basic media (wood types), patterns & finishing
8: PYROGRAPHY II: advanced tools, beyond wood (gourds, paper, leather, veneers, burls) as media, adding color

1: INSTRUCTION: no more than 2 students per class, with two experienced, knowledgable instructors available
2: REQUIREMENTS: that you are at least 14 ( with parental consent until 18) years old, NOT PREGNANT, & do not have an allergy or sensitivity to lead or lead products
3: TIMES: 9 am (0900) -(11 am) 1100, 2 pm (1400) - 4 pm (1600), or 6 pm (1800) - 8 pm (2000)
4: DAYS: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
5: SAFETY: If you do not wear full glasses, you must wear safety glasses; latex or nitrile gloves for handling lead
6: EQUIPMENT/TOOLS: we provide thEm for the basic classes, you must use your own for intermediate classes
7: MATERIALS: we provide them for the basic classes, we ask that you buy what you need for the intermediate
8: COST: Instruction is $10/hr with a $10 supplies fee for basic classes = $50 for 4 hours instruction for the BASIC courses, for INTERMEDIATE, it is still $10/hour and the cost of materials.
9: INSTRUCTORS: experienced glass artisans with a total of 60 years experience with glass as well as education with glass works displayed in churches, homes & restrauants in WI, MN and CA.
Experienced pyrographic artist with over 200 works within WI alone... specilizing in artistic map reproductions, landscapes, pet portraits & casket panels for the Timber Valley Log Casket Company.

10.SHOP/STUDIO: a full service retail shop/studio with all the tools, supplies and glass you need. If we don't have EXACTLY what you want, we can get it...
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